[REVIEW] CLIO (클리오) - Kill Cover Founwear Cushion XP | #2-BP - 21호 (란네리)

October 13, 2017

Hey hey~! I'm back today with another review, the new Clio Kill Cover Cushion  👏 I didn't know that Clio came out with a new upgrade for their founwear cushion XP until I shopped in the paradise of make-up stores during my Korea trip.

Well, packaging are not the only thing that make me want to purchase, this cushion claim to provide flawless coverage with velvet matte finish! Moreover it's able to last for the next 48 hours? I mean, seriously?! 😮


SPF 50+ PA+++,
Anti-Aging, UV protection, Whitening


  1. Flawless Coverage 
  2. Extended 48 hours lasting
  3. Velvety Finish
(Image credit: Clio Official Site)

I didn't want to go too much into the ingredient, but i'm happy to see the first ingredient(usually the most in a product) are Centella Asiatica Extract. It's a herb that provide healing properties( repair damaged tissue, minimize scarring), aside from this fact, it also prevent anti-aging 😄

This product came in a relatively large box 😊, containing the cushion foundation itself and a refill. The cushion weight 15g and i got my shade in 02 lingerie which is a healthy looking rose beige shade!


The packaging of this cushion 😍😍 Firstly, I don't expect it to be super sleek or classy like other higher end brand cushion. I'm happy that Clio upgraded their cushion design this year, the top of this cushion are mirror (reflective) gold, this mean that I can save a step from using my build-in mirror inside when I touch up my lip after meal, look how handy is it!

The bottom half of the cushion packaging are designed to curve in slightly, this design step up from the usual solid circular bottom


Black interior that bring out the luxurious feel. The cushion puff that's black on top and beige at the bottom, though I would prefer the puff to be black completely cause I just don't like the sight of foundation staining my puff unevenly. Well, you guys know if it's complete black means the foundation stain wouldnt be that obvious 😖

I won't say too much about the inner build of this cushion. The usual puff holder/lid, and a cushion puff resting on top.

Cushion & Product:

The foundation are soaked in the cushion sponge (not mochi shape) (I love to press into new saturated cushion 😍)


Coverage Test:

On my skin(acne prone & reddish scars):


+ It contain light perfume scent, but doesn't linger on your skin for long
+ Great matte finish (but I could still feel the stickiness)
+ I'm happy to see the instant whitening effect, it makes my dull skin much pleasant to look at 😂
+ I like the coverage, I could build it up better and it does not cake up ,
- however, after a 4 hours I could see the cushion leave trace of patches on my acne which obviously is not a good thing but I could always freshen up by retouching :)
+ Did not really oxidize my skin, well just a little bit, but after a few hours my skin still look decent with slight dewiness

Since i felt stickiness from this product, I apply it thinly over the whole face and only build up the area which require more attention to cover up the imperfection :) Overall, I love how this cushion provide matte - slight dewy finish and I'm please with the coverage too 💕

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